2.x Laser Build

This page is intended to organize what is needed to finish the laser build.  The sub pages corresponding to the different sections can be navigated via the sidebar under PAGES -> Projects -> 2.x Laser Build.

I will post updates as things get finished.

UPDATE – 10/22/2014
Updates will look like this.

UPDATE – 02/02/2015



Buildlog wiki – http://www.buildlog.net/wiki/doku.php?id=2x:2.x_laser

hack.rva wiki project page – http://www.hackrva.org/wiki/index.php?title=2.x_Laser_Cutter

hack.rva buildlog forum thread – http://buildlog.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2253



Laser Interface PCB schematic – http://www.buildlog.net/documents/C32012_rev_3.pdf

Buildlog Interface – http://www.buildlog.net/sm_laser/drawings/B32002_rev_3.pdf

Buildlog Rev 1 – http://www.buildlog.net/documents/D32018_rev_1.pdf

Buildlog Rev 2 – http://www.buildlog.net/documents/D40006_rev_2.pdf

Buildlog Rev 3 – http://www.buildlog.net/documents/D32016_rev_3.pdf

Buildlog Rev 4 – http://www.buildlog.net/documents/D32014_rev_4.pdf



Laser Interface PCB user guide – http://www.buildlog.net/documents/A40003_Rev_4.pdf

Buildlog Interface user guide – http://www.buildlog.net/sm_laser/drawings/D40002_rev_4.pdf

Buildlog Assembly Instructions – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iVQeWYY46U0fAKGl2SnBshu2rk53asWWtqljsoPPLGc/edit?hl=en&pli=1

Instructions from a similar laser – https://fslaser.com/index.php/aitdownloadablefiles/download/aitfile/aitfile_id/12/

Additional instructions will be linked in the sub-pages pertaining to that portion of the build.


I think we have everything that is needed to finish the build, we just need to assemble it.  I have made this page to organize what I think needs to be done and in what order.  I don’t intend to overstep my bounds in assembling what is not mine and would like to get approval from everyone involved in funding and assembling the project up until now.   I would like input on anything that anyone thinks is done wrong, or could be done differently, or where I have indicated an unsolved issue with the build.

Additionally, I have made this page as an easy way to organize the completion of the build.  I wasn’t sure about adding things to the wiki or making a forum post on the buildlog so I’m just doing it here.  Anything  that comes from this content that we would like to add to the wiki or buildlog is fine with me.

For the most part of what is left on this build, I think we should follow step by step the instructions in the google document linked above (Buildlog Assembly Instructions).  I suggest a few minor deviations in the order.


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