Laser progress

Last weekend I looked over the stuff that I was still unsure about for the laser.  I found the nozzle for the air assist and Aaron drilled and threaded a hole in it for the set screw.  I wanted to get the wiring done for the limit switches but there was a class going on that made the equipment inaccessible.

This weekend I want to get a couple things done.
1. Wiring for the limit switches (first thing in the Wiring section).
2. Design and cut (CNC) a front panel (first thing in the Additional Notes section).  I will use a thin piece of wood to test it and then we can cut a metal one with the new CNC machine once that is running.  We also need to decide exactly what will be on the front panel.  There are several options covered in the two sections linked above.
3. Adjust belt tensions (#6 in Additional Notes).

As far as things that we still need that we either don’t have or I can’t find, this is the current list.
1. Air pump.
2. Tubing to connect water pump to laser tube.
3. Potentiometer for laser power control (for front panel).
4. Air pump switch (for front panel).
5. Bed/Platform for placement of things to be cut.
6. Optional items for front panel – key switch, button switches for manual firing, pwm control switch.


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