GaN Photoluminescence

I was looking through some old files and I found some real (boring) physics!  Here’s some lab work that I did a couple years back if you want to see what comes of shining lasers on things in a lab.  This is why I don’t want to do research in solid state/material physics.

I do recall a somewhat interesting story regarding that second paper though…  My professor was a referee as a part of the peer review process for some physics journal, and he was sent several papers on GaN as he was somewhat of an authority on the material.  One of the ones he rejected was due to this very effect that is examined in the lab paper.  The author of the rejected paper didn’t understand the cause of the oscillations and kind of fudged the data in an attempt to say it was consistent with phonon oscillations.  The professor happened to know that these types of oscillations should not occur given the particular experimental setup and this lab was devised in part to show that they were in fact due to internal reflections rather than phonon oscillations.  Okay that wasn’t that interesting.



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